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Schedules–Part 5

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Before I continue my schedule series, I think it’s important to say again that a schedule should never be a source of pride.  Things can only be in order and get done by God’s grace.  Your schedule should also never cause legalism.  Many times when I don’t have a good day or if I decide to sleep in, I think I have failed and am no longer worthy of God’s love.  The truth is, I was never worthy of God’s love.  He chose me apart from all my own works so that I could never boast, and He chose me when I was spitting in His face with my sinfulness.  What’s more is that He bought me by sending His son, Jesus, who had never sinned, to take my sin upon Himself, and He faced the wrath I will never have to face–death and being separated from God.  His is true mercy.  Praise you, Lord Jesus!  It’s imperative to remember that truth in all we do if we have accepted God’s gift of salvation.  If you have not, I appeal to you to throw your burdens at the cross, make Christ and Christ only Lord of your life, and give your life in service to Him, glorifying Him in all you do.  It is the only way to true joy.

Having said that, I will continue explaining my schedule.  While Ariana is nursing in the morning, Liam “reads” books in bed for 30 minutes.  This gives him a little private play and gives me a little more time to get things ready.  When he is a little older, and especially when he moves out of the crib, I plan on having a clock in the room and telling him he can leave the room when the clock says 7-3-0.  If he leaves before this time, he will be disciplined.  It’s important he learns to play alone and learns patience.

Some things on my schedule after this don’t require explanation, so I will only touch on the things I feel should be explained.  MM stands for minimal maintenance.  This is time I can empty the dishwasher, make beds, do a general pick-up if needed, etc.  This usually doesn’t take very long and makes things less stressful later in the day. 

I’ll briefly define the next few activities below:
School Time–read books and work with learning toys (i.e. anything that teaches about ABC’s, numbers, colors, etc.)
Game Time–activities appropriate for his age that teach various things; my  favorite site for this is Fisher-Price 
Table Time–crafts or coloring; again one of my prefered sites is Fisher-Price , but I also use Crayola, Family Fun (this is also my absolute favorite magazine), and Wondertime (this is a good site that is just for young children–it also has ideas for activities)
Computer Time–There are a few sites with online games for toddlers where they basically only have to push a key to play; big surprise, but my favorite for this is Fisher-Price (can you tell I visit this site often?)
Circle Time–I don’t know why, but toddlers usually will sit still longer in a circle, so we make a circle with stuffed animals and learn a Bible story.  Liam probably doesn’t get most of what we do, but I would rather start too early instead of too late.  He likes it because we use a lot of music and play-acting.

Things rarely go as planned, but as I said before, I try not to stress about it and just pick up where we left off. 

There’s only one more post in my schedules series, so I would appreciate any more suggestions you all can give me.


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