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Liam the Pilot

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For the past month or so, Liam has been obsessed with airplanes.  He has a little airplane that makes “real” airplane noises, and he begs Bill or me to turn it on for him constantly.  Because it’s loud and doesn’t turn off unless you turn it off, it brings much joy to Bill and me as you might imagine.

A couple of weeks ago, Derby celebration began, and one of the kickoffs was an air show done at the National Guard.  Before the air show, members of the National Guard were allowed to bring friends and family on base to show them the jets, cargo planes, and other military stuff (aka, I don’t really know what anything was called).  One of our dearest friends works on that base, so he graciously took his grandson, Liam, Ariana, and me.  Liam had the time of his life.  Here are some pictures from that morning.

Liam in the cockpit of a jet 1/4 the real size

Liam as pilot of a 1/4 size jet

 A couple of Air Force men talking to the pilot

I hope your parachute is working

Liam in the cockpit of a real cargo plane

Liam in front of a 7 something or other (sorry, Curtis)


One thought on “Liam the Pilot

  1. Wow! How fun! What a luck little boy. 🙂 He looks like he is having the time of his life.

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