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Schedules–Part 2

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As Bill, my earthly treasure after God, said last week, he made time for me to go on a retreat for seven whole hours.  Some of you may be thinking, “Big deal.  Seven hours isn’t much time.”  But if you are saying that you probably are not a stay-at-home-mom with small children.  Five minutes away is glorious if you are.  It was an amazing, refreshing, and convicting time. 

Lately, I have been very discouraged about being a mommy because it stops me from doing what I want to do.  I was becoming so selfish that I knew I needed some time to get away without emotions being an obstacle.  So, I left and went to a park, Books a Million, and Panera Bread bringing along a reflection written by Carolyn Mahaney with me .  You can see the reflection here

You may be wondering what this has to do with schedules, but it is the most important part–reflection and prayer.  See, before you can make the “perfect” schedule, you must pray for God’s grace and evaluate your priorities.  You need to see where you are with these priorities in your season of life and pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal areas that need improvement.  Carolyn breaks your priorities into seven catagories:  growing in personal holiness, serving in the church, fellowshiping with believers, evangelizing unbelievers, loving my family, attending to my work, and caring for my physical health.

Once you have spent this time with the Lord, you can begin to make a plan.  I would encourage you to make a chart (you can use mine if you would like) and write down how you would like to spend time with each priority daily, weekly, and monthly.  I got this idea from my “Redeeming the Time” class in Seminary Wives Institute (SWI) at Southern Seminary, though their priorities are slightly different:  the Lord, husband, children, yourself, church family, and others.  You can catagorize your priorities however you wish and add whatever you like.     

The next step–spend more time praying over these priorities, asking that the Holy Spirit would give you wisdom and show you more ways to prioritize your life.  Then and only then will you be ready to begin putting activities into specific time slots.

More to come next week…Sorry, because of the pause, I won’t get my schedule up until then.


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