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A New Method of Money Management


As you might imagine, as a (mainly) single-income family where my salary is for an entry-level position, money gets a little tight sometimes.  Therefore, we’re constantly trying to more effectively manage our money so that we have enough to live, save, and give.  To say it simply, we have made a lot of mistakes on the way and have learned a lot.  Sometimes we do well, and end the month with more money than we started it.  Other times, we don’t do so well and find that we basically threw away our money for the month on stupid stuff.  But, like I said, we’re slowly learning to use our money more responsibly.

Well, last night we received an unusual lesson in money management from our son.  Liam is apparently developing a rather utilitarian approach to life.  Since he doesn’t say a whole lot, I can only speculate as to his reasoning.  So, here’s what I think was going through our little toddler’s mind: “You know, I’ve been watching how you two spend money and I’m not sure that you always appreciate it.  Not only have you at times thrown money away, you’ve wasted it on frivolous things, exposing your tendency for both a lack of discretion and a penchant for materialism.  Basically, you’re wasting your money on worthless stuff.  So, to keep our lives uncluttered, I’m going to bypass the ‘worthless stuff’ and just throw your money away for you.”  Which he then proceeded to do–literally–with a twenty dollar bill. 

Of course, I may be reading too much into the situation.  It could be that our cute little guy, who had been playing with my wallet while Court and I loaded the dishwasher, threw the cash away in the kitchen trash can, apparently thinking the crumpled bill (which wasn’t originally crumpled) looked a lot like trash that needed to be thrown away.  But I think I know my little boy well enough to know what’s really going on… 😉

And for all the expectant male readers out there, my next post will be: The Woes of a Grill-less Man.  Coming soon to a blog near you.

2 thoughts on “A New Method of Money Management

  1. You are too cute. I love you!

  2. Most definitely a very thoughtful child. He is merely doing his best to keep things in perspective. I like this kid.

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