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Giving Mommy a Break


I’m writing this while the kids are sleeping peacefully for their afternoon nap.  The apartment is quiet and everything seems rather ordinary–except for one thing: Mommy’s not here.  You see, Courtney took the afternoon (and possibly evening) off to have a small personal retreat.  One thing that has been hard to do for Courtney as a full-time nursing mother is to give her any “vacation time”–more than that, just a little time off!   For those of us who work for companies, we not only get vacation time, we actually get to stop doing our job at some point during the day and usually have one or two entire days off, namely weekends.  Not so for the 24-hour mommy.  The job is constant, tiring, demanding, exhausting, _________ (feel free to toss in any other word you think would best describe it).  So, in order to help Courtney get a break and be rejuvenated, I’m taking responsibility for the kids while she goes wherever she wants to be alone and privately worship God.

Now, I don’t tell you readers (all three or so of you 😉 ) this to build myself up (imagine macho guy voice: “Yeah, I’m making the huge sacrifice of watching the kids by myself so that Court can have some time to herself.”  Yeah, right.) because a few hours isn’t that bad.  No, I’m writing this to honor my wife who hasn’t gotten more than a few four-hour breaks from being a Mommy in almost six months.  And for me, it is a very small thing to watch my little boy and girl for the rest of the day.  I’m looking forward to some special time with them, so that their Mommy will have no obligations, no time constraints, no hungry babies, and no temper-tantrum-throwing toddlers.  Will she be glad to come home at the end of the evening and take up her mommy duties again?  I’m sure she will, for she embraces and loves caring for our children, feeling it is the very life to which God has called her.  But does she need this solitude?  I’m sure she does.  I can’t imagine going six months paying claims for twelve hours a day, seven days a week!

Me?  I’ve got it easy.  I work forty (or a little more) hours a week, sitting in a cubicle, using a computer, getting way overpaid for what I do.  So, today I want to honor my wife by giving her an opportunity for quiet reflection and, during that time, by sneaking onto the internet to tell all of you how amazing, how patient, how loving, how grace-filled, how radiant my Courtney is, both as a wife and as a mother.  I praise God that He gave her to me as my bride.  And even when she’s wearing spit-up, correcting Liam for the umpteenth time, and cleaning up the havoc wreaked in a way only a toddler can do, I know that her Father is making her more holy, more like Christ every single day by His Spirit.

2 thoughts on “Giving Mommy a Break

  1. Awwwww! So sweet! I hope Courtney enjoys her time!

    I was able to have a “day off” a little while ago and it was SO NICE. And Brian and the boys had a fantastic time too.

  2. That is great that she is getting a break. Many people don’t understand what kind of commitment it takes to nurse a baby! That is great you see what she is doing for your family and what she has to give up for it.

    Courtney I hope you enjoyed your time away for a little bit, what a nice break (even if it is for just a few hours).

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