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Time for the weekly kiddo update:

Ariana is doing well.  She has started gaining a little weight again.  We are still concerned about my milk supply, so please pray for us about that.  We are not anti-formula, just anti-expense.  She has been fussier than usual (which really just means she’s been fussy–she’s usually just quiet), so we thought she might have an ear infection.  Nope, just teething.  So for each meal she usually has a little milk mixed with a finger or two to chew on–hers and ours.  She’s still as precious as ever with an easy, huge smile.  She often gets comments that she’s an exceptionally sweet baby.  We agree.  Actually, we feel that way about both our children. 

Liam decided this week he would make huge breakthroughs with his speech.  The most important, of course, is that he knows “Mommy” very well.  He now calls for me and looks for me calling my name at every turn.  Last night, I had coffee with a friend and was gone for about an hour.  Bill told me Liam said my name constantly while I was gone.  Now that’s perseverance!  He also counts to 3, but only if he’s trying to get Mommy or Daddy to perform “Liam Blast Off.”

One of the sweetest moments we had was last night before bed.  We always go through a routine with him where we tell him how many people love him.  Then we end with, “Most of all, Jesus loves you!” (From Noel Piper’s book of the same title) When we were getting close, Liam sqatted down in anticipation with a huge grin (I wonder who he gets that from…) and said the last part with us while jumping up with joy.  Cutie patootie!

And, finally, Liam’s favorite new thing: animal noises.  He has been doing a dog bark for quite some time (a big dog bark at that–woof, woof in a low voice).  In fact, the other dogs in the apartments and he have become good friends as he will converse with them through the screen door.  I never realized how little I paid attention to dogs barking until Liam decided to bark in response to them each time he heard one (or saw a picture of one).  He also does a cat, lion, and duck. 

A conversation with Liam might go something like this:
“Hey, Liam, what sound does a dog make?”
“Woof, woof!”
“Good!  What sound does a lion make?”
“Great!  What sound does a cat make?”
“No, Honey, that’s a lion.  What sound does a cat make?”
“Meow! Row–”
[Interrupting]”That’s right.  What sound does a duck make?”
“No, that’s a lion again.  What about a duck?” 
“Dack, dack!  Rowr(big smile)!”

Can you tell which animal is his favorite?

One thought on “Rowr!!!

  1. How sweet that Liam finishes the “and most of all, Jesus loves you”. Isn’t it amazing how much Jesus does love us although none of us deserves it?

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