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Liam vs. Nature


I had a sobering reminder today that I have a son.

 We usually try to go outside on nice mornings and today was one of those.   At a nearby park, I noticed that the dandelions were in full bloom, so I thought it would be fun to teach Liam how to blow them.  He was very intrigued by the whole process and made a real attempt at it.  But after turning my back, I heard giggling: Liam had figured out that stomping the dandelions had much the same effect.

Later, I saw a caterpillar and pointed it out to Liam.  Naturally, he was intrigued, and again, yep, you guessed it, he squashed the critter under his kid-size 7 sandal.  Oh, well, maybe there’s hope for Ariana…

6 thoughts on “Liam vs. Nature

  1. Just wait until he starts bringing all the little critters inside & putting them in your good tupperware bowls because they want to keep them as pets! Isn’t having children awesome & exciting! What a blessing it is to see the world through a child’s eyes!

  2. Laura,
    I’m sure you have plenty of experience with that. All of your comments were a joy to read and very encouraging. How many times did you give up your good tupperware for that little face that was so imploring and sweet?

  3. And to think he cried when he was just a few months old and I blew on a dandelion for him. I thought his little heart would break that I had destroyed something so pretty!!! He had me fooled!!!!

  4. sounds like Liam…… and me

  5. Just wanted to share with you what Ian did today that correlates to my last comment…Ian went to the flea market today with his grandparents & bought a Hermit Crab. When he came home, he showed it to me then went straight for……you guessed it, by Tupperware bowls! He ended up getting a bucket to put it in, but I had to laugh!

  6. Mom,
    Nope, he’s not the same little tree hugger we all thought he might become. I might add that he also loves yanking the grass up and throwing it in the air. I think he’s trying to determine which direction the wind is blowing so he can work on his golf swing.

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