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Date Idea

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As I mentioned below, our dear friend Rachel watches our kiddos for us twice a month.  If you have been inspired to date your spouse and don’t have a Rachel in your life (they’re hard to come by, and we’re not sharing), I would recommend “swap” dating.  Twice a month we “swap” date with another couple–Brian and Kacie.  One night we go out and they watch our kids, and another night we repay them by watching their boys while they go out.  Not only does that give us 3 nights out a month, but we also get a short time of fellowship with this other beautiful couple when we pick up the rascals.

As a side note, I would highly recommend Kacie’s blog.  You can go to it by clicking here.


One thought on “Date Idea

  1. You are so sweet Courtney! I just have to share with your readers what a fantastic idea this whole kid-swapping thing is. Bill and Courtney called us back toward the beginning of the year and suggested it. We’ve loved it! And so have our kids. They love hangin’ out with Mr. Bill & Miss Courtney. playing with Liam, and holding Arianna.

    And, just to show you how sweet Miss Courtney is, she even helped the boys bake a delicious birthday cake for us last night! Yum!

    So, thanks for a great idea and giving us a chance to get out every now and then. And thanks for your tremendous friendship!

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