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New Pics


Hey, everyone!  We went and looked to see how many people have hit our site and saw that one day this week we had 90 visits.  Wow!  Our prayer is that we will be able to reflect Christ and His glory in all we say and do (even the fun stuff) so that those of you who don’t know Him may be directed to a joyful relationship with Him.  For the rest of you, we pray that you will be encouraged and edified by what we say and that you encourage us and help to make sure God is honored. 

On the fun note, we’ve added a few pictures today (especially for the grands, aunts, and uncles–and the Johnson’s 😉 )  Bill is still working on his picture project, but this is a teaser.  We hope soon to start putting cute Liam phrases up, but since he’s still only saying about 30 words (which most of you know is a blessing since he started talking late), there isn’t really such a thing as cute “phrases.”  Though, as we were leaving our community group (through Sojourn Community Church) leader’s house the other night, Liam was proudly shouting “Bye!” over and over while waving until we were outside. 🙂

Sleeping Sweetie


Liam Painting


Our Family

3 thoughts on “New Pics

  1. Precious, precious, precious! I think I’ve said it all! Blessings!

  2. My, how they’ve grown in just a few short weeks!!! Yup, I still love ’em.

  3. Wow, great pictures! But of course, great subjects. Post more.

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