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I wanted to recommend my absolute favorite blog of all times that is meant especially for women (though there are many men, including my confident-in-his-manhood hubby, who also read it faithfully).  It’s called Girl Talk, and the link is on our sidebar.  This site has been around for a couple of years and is done by my hero in the faith, Carolyn Mahaney (wife of C.J.–Bill’s hero), and her 3 grown daughters, Nicole Whitacre, Kristin Chesemore, and Janelle Bradshaw.  This blog is full of Biblical insights about being a godly woman, including lots of wisdom about parenting (ironic since one day I disregarded parenting when I left Liam in his crib an extra hour during his nap time while reading the blog and losing track of the time) since all four of them have children ranging from 1 week old to 14 years.  It is an enjoyable blog to read, often full of humor.  Each Friday they post what they call Friday Funnies, something that is rarely theological but always makes me laugh.  I only began reading their site a few months ago, but was enjoying it and learning so much that I went back and read each of their archives.  It’s not an idol for me, but it might be a bit of an obsession…

Another great site is by a single woman named Carolyn McCulley called Solo Femininity.  I would highly recommend this site to single women (and mothers of single daughters) as Carolyn has been faithful to live a life of purity in spite of today’s temptations and is full of wisdom.  Hopefully, this site will be added to our sidebar today–hint, hint, Bill, since I am not computer savvy–but in the meantime, you can click here.

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