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Some Great Sermons


While I pay claims here at Humana, we can listen to headphones while we work. I use the time not only to listen to music, but also to hear some great preaching. I was extremely blessed today after listening to a preacher I’ve read a little from and heard even more about: Tim Keller. On the website of the church he pastors (Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York) there are several free sermons available for download. Today I listened to the three sermons on the Gospel. They were outstanding! Keller’s preaching is simply superb, speaking equally well to both “mature” Christians and those who don’t know much at all about Christ. He’s engaging, passionate, and doesn’t yell. I commend it to any of you who might read this entry (which I don’t expect to be many of you). I hope you’ll take advantage of it.

Free Tim Keller Sermons

NOTE: My personal favorite was the sermon entitled “Lord of the Wine” which discussed the glorious experience of tasting (experiencing) God, not just having knowledge of Him. I pray that I will have the type of sensory of experience of God that Keller describes.

2 thoughts on “Some Great Sermons

  1. This blog site is so cool. I love the photos! I can scroll through them every time I get lonesome for you all, which is at least once a day. Liam looked sooo cute in his penguin outfit! And Ariana is such a cutey pie! I don’t know how to comment on each picture yet. I am still learning. I will try and listen to the Tim Keller sermons. Is there any way I could record them to CD, so I could listen to them in the car? Love you all.

  2. Mom:
    To answer your question: yes. I’ll be glad to show you. For anyone who might be wondering how to do it, when you go to the site for the sermons, right click on each one. Select “Save As” and save the file somewhere you can find it (probably your desktop or My Documents). Then when you’ve saved all three, you can burn them onto a CD using Windows Media Player.

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